Your kids will never want to leave


Ukrainian kids aren't able to leave

We’re sorry, but we had to get your attention.  Since the start of the war, Russia has been holding nearly 20’000 Ukrainian children captive. Many parents were tricked into sending their kids to so-called summer camps. How could they possibly fall for it? Well, just like you. Keep scrolling to uncover the full story.

Soldier Left Fence Stones Soldier Right

Each morning children sing the camp’s Anthem to foster unity. Through hands-on activities and engaging workshops, we encourage children to explore their interests, develop new skills, and discover the joy of learning in a supportive and interactive setting.


Reports claim that children are forced to sing the Russian anthem each morning. Lessons are also in Russian. The aim of these camps is the complete Russification and indoctrination of Ukrainian children, according to Yale University Humanitarian Research Lab.

Photo: Vice News

Children, regardless of age, are taught a variety of physical activities, such as canoeing, rock climbing, and more. Your child will never be bored!


In these camps children are often taught basic military training, such as how to assemble assault rifles. There are fears that these Ukrainian kids will be forced to fight on Russia’s side once they turn 18.

Photo: Vice News
An Unforgettable Experience

Your child will be inspired for life. Maksym, a recent enrollee, says: ’’I can’t wait to go to camp again!’’

A Harrowing Experience

The children residing in these ‘'summer camps’’ will most likely be traumatized for life. ’’Never again, will I go to a camp’’ - Maksym, 13 (Quote from the New York Times report)

Photo: SURGe Ukraine

Your children will have 24/7 support from our camp supervisors. Often being ex-teachers, they are educators to their core. Guidance, both mental and physical, will be ensured.


Testimonials confirm that children are monitored 24/7 by camp supervisors. Often being ex-military personnel, they are Russian imperialists to their core. Systematic abuse, both mental and physical, is reportedly widespread.

Photo: Vice News

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